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Non-TOXIC coating - 

Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber is a tough water/air tight coating. Easy to "buildup" on thickness Dura Rubber dry fast to the touch, allowing you to get a very resilient non-skid surface When using a textured roller on the final coat. A single part coating that is designed to be brushed rolled or sprayed. Super strong High Traffic with 25 mil coating (3 coats) 

Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber is available in a base color white. 
Application: 70 to 80 sq ft per gallon for two coat minimum coverage.


Toxin Free Aquaponics

Rubberizeit!™ coatings are the only non-toxic paintable liquid rubber products on the market. These products can be used for so many purposes that a gardener is only limited by his or her imagination. For example, Rubberizeit!™ coatings make building custom hydroponic or aquaponic systems a snap.

Materials that were once impossible to use in hydroponic systems (wood, metal, etc.) can now be given a coat ofRubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coating and they become a safe harbor for plants and/or fish. This makes designing and building custom hydroponic systems much easier given the grower is no longer limited by the building materials. Custom hydroponic systems can now be built out of anything, not just five gallon buckets and PVC piping (but if you are using PVC piping it can also be coated withRubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Products to protect it from UV light).

Many soil gardeners and practically every hydroponic gardener use some sort of water reservoir. Thin plastic totes that were once a disaster waiting to happen can be reinforced with a coating of Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coating to withstand holding large volumes of water.

Aquaponic systems that are free of toxic materials produce fresh organic fish and vegetables that are also free of toxins. RubberizeIt!™ products are the only non-toxic paint-able liquid rubber on the market. Be sure that all of the materials chosen for an aquaponics system are non-toxic or that the portion of the material, which comes in contact with the water in the system, is coated with RubberizeIt!™ Rubber Coatings.

Yes, with Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coating Solutions, that rusty old galvanized feed or water trough can become a fish tank or grow bed. Now any vessel or container can become a fish tank or grow bed with Rubberizeit!™ products.

Why RubberizeIt!™ Liquid Rubber Products are the Best Choice

Perfect for your full-custom aquaponics set-up, Rubberizeit!™ Rubber Coatings eliminates folds and wasted excess material. When comparing the cost per square foot of Rubberizeit!™ Rubber Coatings with other commercially available pond liners the material lost in the folds must be considered.

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