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aquaponic BALCONY GARDEN  -- as featured in Make Magazine - vol. 47

PARTS ONLY --  means all parts for a unit are packaged and shipped with NO set-up or advanced work done to them.  All cutting and drilling of the parts is required based on the Make Project Page Directions and/or Instructables. 

IoT (Internet of Things) capable, if you are interested in this aspect of aquaponics.

DIY PROJECT -- purchase materials locally and built -- by Rik Kretzinger

With all the interest around the world in aquaponics, there are a number of creative units being developed for small spaces. Many, if not most of these solutions do not address a number of issues that cause these units to end up on Craig's List or in the trash at the end of the day. None of these solutions address the automation aspect of aquaponics to take the stress out of operating a small unit effectively, at an affordable price point and can be assembled safely by anyone interested in aquaponics.


AUTOMATION ELEMENTS found with in the garden:
1 - DHT-22 - Humidity and Temperature

2 - DS18B20 - 1 wire Temperature probes (grow-bed and fish tank)

1 - Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor for Arduino

1 - Analog Float Switch in Fish Tank for water level tracking

1 - Analog Water Sensing Probe in grow bed for tracking water level and timing of cycles

4 - Relay Controlled outlets

1 - Master System Kill Relay - should anything go wrong with the unit

1 - Stainless Steel gravity feed Valve N/O - allows for precise control of cycle times and water level control in grow bed,


BALCONY GARDEN kit feature set:

27 gallon fish tank

27 gallon grow bed - this allows for the aquaponic standard of 1:1 ratio of water to grow bed volumes be maintained for a healthy system

DIY Solids Filtration unit - allows for solid waste capture or removal and reuse in system

DIY Bio-Filter reactor - converts toxic fish waste to non-toxic plant fertilizer using moving bed media (big system component not found in any small systems)

Overflow Preventer - will not let any water to escape from your grow bed should you encounter a system problem

Root Clogging Preventer Mechanism - this is the problem no one talks about much in aquaponics - roots clog everything - unless you plan for the problem

System power down - should a power failure occur, air supply back-up for fish tank 

Plug-N-Play design and construction of kit

Once assembled and cycled easy to maintain.

Starter water - bacteria rich and ready to jump-start your system provided with the kit

Small footprint - big results

High percentage of materials can be locally sourced at a big box store and rest at Amazon if you want to do-it-yourself (DIY)

System allows for a high degree of control of the flood and drain cycles depending on what you are growing and environmental demands

Allows for expansion of sensor set and moving to solar back-up option in the future

Unit can be converted to off-grid applications easily - will require a different power configuration of components and equipment

Starting code for system on which ever micro-controller platform a person would like to use.


BALCONY GARDEN -- why is it different:

The BALCONY GARDEN uses no bell siphons at all (see section on resources for pros and cons of bell siphons). Grow bed water control is handled by a electric valve that allows for gravity feed pressures. By using a valve total control over grow bed water cycles can be scheduled and built into a grow plan to accommodate a large range of plant material. Using a valve of this nature gives builders of these units the necessary tool to allow for fully automated capability that is not possible in all other aquaponic gardens at this price point.




Only Arduino UNO comes as a part.

FISH TANK - not painted - this is NOT AN OPTION - paint is an additional purchase and ships individually for this effect.

Parts and Design can changed at any time and without notice. 

ONLY STARTING CODE AVAILABLE :  start code can be found on Make Project Page.  As code is developed by individuals and shared via aquaponic DIY Automation Blog, code updates will be published after being tested and verified.  Being that everyone has different needs - code will always be under development and cannot provide solutions to all the directions people will want to go with automation. 

NO MEDIA PROVIDED - must be sourced locally in your area

Subject to California Sales Tax -  if shipped to a California location.

SPECIAL has limited availability. 


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